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Create interactive AAA game content faster with
AI-Enabled World Crafting
Game Bible
AI Content
AI Character
Scale Creativity End-to-End
Our AI-enabled workflow will guide you from the first seeds of lore through to interactive AI characters and novel game mechanics.
AI Game Bible
Use our lore-aware AI engine to help draft your game bible and automatically identify inconsistencies.
AI Content Scaling

Automatically derive additional lore-consistent content including thousands of characters, missions, economy facets, story lines and custom content.

Unleash deep characters that
think, feel and remember every action.
Unleash deep characters that
think, feel and remember every action.
AI Characters

Save endless hours spent writing dialog trees. Deploy real-time AI voice and text conversation for your characters.

Character knowledge and behaviour is true to lore and tailored to each player.
Powerful Game Mechanics

Use AI conversation analysis to trigger NPC actions based on player intents, topics, emotions or secret memories.

Affordable & Monetisable
Manage cost and generate revenue by creating custom AI interaction plans for players.


Generative AI models like ChatGPT can mimic shallow personas, however these models/personas have no persistent memories and can't absorb more than a few pages of custom knowledge without tricky and expensive retraining.

In contrast, game developers need to create large numbers of characters that generate many types of content such as quests, emotes and conversations with reference to a large amount of custom character, game lore and different states of player relationship with a character. ChatGPT in isolation cannot accomplish this.

Mind Tome overcomes this challenge by combining the generative capabilities of GPT models with the persistent, scalable memory of an AI-powered knowledgebase. Unlike ChatGPT, Mind Tome personas can retrieve an unlimited amount of world and character information using state-of-the-art AI search techniques that match concepts rather than keywords. The characters can then use this information to generate unlimited true-to-character quests, conversational interactions and emotes on the fly.

Most excitingly, fully functional AI characters can be automatically generated from the AI game bible and granted access to specific knowledge (such as basic world information or knowledge particular to that character or faction).

The contrasting personalities and knowledge of Squirrelo (friendly) and Zagrar (defensive) are great examples of these distinct, deep personas and memories.

For the above reasons, generative models like chatGPT are just one component in the pipeline of systems that make up Mind Tome, rather than a like-for-like replacement.

Mind Tome allows you to automatically generate lore-appropriate characters directly from your game bible. You can tune character generation to use particular species, personality types, origin locations or other custom facts and override autogenerated motivations and backstory as you see fit.We've even added moderation tools to the character generation process so that should you choose, your players can craft the lore, motivations and personality of their own characters.

We are currently accepting a limited number of partners for our early access program. Please send an email to info @ mindtome.com to get in touch.